Local film awarded Sundance’s top prize, headlines the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

I’m sure Harvey Pekar will grouse justifiably that the paper didn’t even bother to share the name of his film with their readership. Of course, it’s American Splendor, and I’m happy not only because the unalloyed pleasure I take from both reading Pekar’s inspired, reflective rants about American life and seeing him hold forth in person.

I’m happy because the prize fairly guarantees national distributorship. The inside question, naturally, is “Will Letterman invite Pekar back on his show?”

If he does, I’ll tune Dave in for the first time in uncounted years, ’cause I’m reasonably certain it’ll be ten car pileup, with no coarse language or fisticuffs involved.

I really can’t even begin to express how happy this news makes me. Go Harvey (and the film people who made the project possible) !