As regulars wil be aware, my site inadvertently became a clearinghouse for messages to Bill Mauldin and for messages of condolence in the past few days. Mauldin family members found the site via Google and correspondents requested information regarding the cartoonists’s funeral.

His grandson, Bruce Mauldin, has asked me to post the following information. I’ll add it here and in the comments on the original entry as well as emailing the people who commented originally.

Here’s Bruce’s information concerning services, donations, and so forth.


Thank you for allowing my grandfather’s “friends” to accidentally post their thoughts on your web page. It really does mean a lot to see them.

I have actually received several emails since posting to your site. Interestingly enough, my father Bruce [Sr.] (Bill’s son) was a Colonel in the Army, and his Executive Officer from his assignment in Savannah, GA from 1976-1979 contacted me (I was just 13, but do remember him well). It really is a small world!

To answer your question, flower arrangements can be sent directly to Arlington Cemetery. The information is as follows:

Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, Virginia
Wednesday, January 29th
Bill Mauldin Funeral at 2 PM

If anyone wants to contribute monetarily, it would have meant a lot to Bill (and Charles Schulz, god bless them both) if donations could be made to the Bill Mauldin Wing at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA. The address is as follows, as well as their website:

National D-Day Memorial Foundation
202 East Main Street
Bedford, VA 24523

Please make sure that the donations are earmarked specifically for the Bill Mauldin Wing, and not the general construction fund.

Again, Mike, thank you for keeping your site up, and making it available. I’m sure your bandwidth is being stretched to it’s limits!

Take care, and best regards!

Bruce P. Mauldin, II

One thought on “Mauldin memorial arrangements and family requests

  1. I was so sorry to see your grandfather go, but I think he is in a better place.

    Your dad Bruce was my co-pilot often in Vietnam. I was sorting through my photos and have several of him when he was a W2.

    Bill was present when we were attacked on Feb 7, 1965, and he came into the COC (Combat Operations Center) that I ran, and borrowed my carbine, lost it, borrowed a 12 ga. shotgun, lost it, and finally I gave him my personal .45 to wear. I still have that.

    Bruce luckily was on R&R in Hong Kong, and a mortar round came through the roof of his hooch, and basically landed on his bunk.

    If you want copies of the photos, I can either put them on a CD or print them out and mail.

    John D Mustard former Captain, 52nd Avn Bn.
    1545 Cumberland Road
    Tyler, TX 75703

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