As you may have noted, I am getting my steam up on ye olde alternative comix reviews.

But, alas, I got the call which indicates the end of funding for the reviews. Which is a drag. It’s not like the reviews pay well – they don’t – but they cover the cost of publication and almost the time investment for reading and writing them, and I’ve established sufficient credibility to make it relatively easy to get review copies from the burgeoning field of independent comics publishers.

So I have to figure out what’s next on that front. I imagine I’ll keep writing the reviews.

I also spent a pleasant half-hour on the phone with a reporter for one of the Seattle newspapers this afternoon. She was doing a story on online resumés and had come across my resumé site, and was curious about how effecive the site has been for me.

“Well,” I told her, “it was great, back in the day. But lately? Nothin’.”

I look forward to her story. Apparently, that little boost will be needed when I start looking for a job again. Not that I have any expectations of actually finding a job. I sent out ten or more resumés a week for more than a year, resulting in a grand total of three call-backs, two email enquiries, and two freelance jobs.

The dot-com bubble was so vast here that it’s actually still not done receding. Which means I’m bound for a couple more years of joblessness. Or a transition into midlife professional slackerdom.

Exhibit A? Writing comic book reviews at age 36 for no compensation.

Yes, leaving Seattle has come up, and Viv would like nothing better than to live within driving distance of her family; and what do I care? I mean, it’s not like I ever leave the freakin’ house.

Of course, I should really be applying to any grad school within arm’s reach, and I’d like to… but I have NO IDEA what I want to get a degree in, which makes entry fees, exams, and essays a mite tricky.

And my cat’s sick.

4 thoughts on “one of those days, or something.

  1. This is depressing, yes. Soon I will have no friends in Seattle. Also, no jobs awaiting my return. And, I hear, no monorail!

    Poor kitty, is it the adventurous one, or the nasty one?

  2. which is which?

    It is the white one. He has “feline milliary eczema”, which makes the poor creature most uncomfortable and kinda stinky.

    tha’ lizzit sez that it’s “easily treated once the cause is isolated”, and then identifies two common causes and a wild, vague list of “harder to trace” ones.

    Naturally, the two common causes appear unlikely. The wild proliferation of homeopathic and naturopathic treatments available online does not bode well for the science of that jaunty diagnosis.

    “easily treated, unless we can’t figure it out, in which case it’s basically not curable in a reproducible fashion.”

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