The screen shot was sent in by Pinax, of Goliard Dream. Interestingly, it’s clear that according to my logging software, Pinax was NOT the actual 10,000th visitor.

That honor goes to an anonymous person who arrived via Google while, yes, it’s true, looking for info on “The Fruit Detective,” a story that appeared in the New Yorker a ways back that I enjoyed reading enough to blog, and which is easily the most visited page on the site.

They stayed for a total of four seconds before figuring out that this was not their beautiful house.

Fortunately, my vague wording actually requested a screenshot, which Pinax was so kind as to send in, in order to qualify for the prizes!

Incedentally, this may solve the great multiple qualifiers mystery that’s long bedeviled one of my less-technical friends.

Pinax already telegraphed an interest in comics, but let’s get a clarification in the comments, shall we?

To review, three prizes were offered, one of whch was to be selected by the winner:

  • Duplicates of comics in my files
  • Computer junk
  • Dot-com gimcracks

Weigh in!

11 thoughts on “10k resolved

  1. Whew, that was a real cliff-hanger there!

    I did notice as I was visiting the guest view of the log, that IP entries were not in real time, and that frequent hits just appeared as more time on the day’s cumulative total for that IP. So cool as that was, I stopped visiting the log, and just kept hittin’ poor Mike’s site till I broke it…;)

    You offer an embarrassment of riches as reward for my perserverance: Computer junk? Dot-com junk? Comics? Computer junk? Comics? Comics? Comics?

    Comics. My house is full of computer junk, both working and not working. I don’t need any more dot-com gimcracks (unless they actually do something…[ha, ha]).

    Definitely comics. *drool*

  2. That seems hardly reasonable, as I believe I kept hitting your site (until, of course, I hit 10,000) every couple of minutes. For a good while… I am sure I hit it at least 60 times all by myself…

    How are the hits counted? Each hit or hits from a particular IP? Every time I hit your site, I looked at the log which your counter links to. The log did not show any individual hits, instead, it seems to add cumulative hits together. I am curious.

  3. assuming, of course that: [Srv] unknown Internet Explorer 6.0; WinXP 1400×1050 32 Nov 18, 19:16:09 [04:39]

    is me…

  4. Yep, that’s you.

    basically, hits, and web stats, are voodoo. They are always slightly inaccurate. They do give a reasonable cumulative picture but can’t be trusted on a specific basis.

    Here, what’s confusing you is the distinction between hits, each connection to the server, and site visits, the data I want to track and what my log-thingy is attempting to present.

    Do I want my hit counter to roll over each time a site vistor clicks reload? Or each time they load a page on my site? I do not.

    Which means that there’s a mushy formula that is used to arbtrarily define what des, and what does not, get counted as a site visitor. In many cases it’s duration plus referrer, if you follow.

    There’s also Ken’s formula, which I trust he’ll provide here.

  5. Hits? Visits? Page Views? The latest blogger buzz revolves around the stats and math involved in figuring out just how many people are looking at these here blog things anyway.

    I figured it was timed to bring out the big guns, and explain the official Illuminated Donkey Conglomerated Media site metrics for determining traffic figures. The first step is, as Jeff Jarvis suggests, determining our daily page view figures using our handy GoStats counter seen on your left. Then, as each post is technically considered a different page according to Web-GAAC rules, we multiply the page views by the total number of posts. We then take that number and multiply it by our estimated “pass-along rate” of 3.15, this being the average number of people each of our readers tells about the site. At this point we add in our auxiliary page views, which includes a percentage of page views of sites which have linked to The Donk, plus an extra 10% boost if they say something nice about us. We then add 100 for each e-mail we get, and finally, we pull out my Game of Life from the closet, spin the clackety-clack spinner, and multiply the total by the result.

    Then, we take one penny for each visitor, dump the pile on the bed, and roll around in it naked, laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing until we pass out.

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