So. It’s the CPU. Definitely. I mean, definitely according to my Intuiton (TM).

Naturally, eBay’s only been offering whiz-bang upgrade cards, which run about $100, and I completely missed a 233Mhz card (in Seattle, yet) yesterday. I mistook myself earlier when I noted that Bellerophon has a 300Mhz CPU – it’s a 233.

I have been struggling to compile the system-level image manipulation tools that enable stuff like photo uploads, something that takes upwards of 12 hours of 100% CPU activity.

I finally have jury-rigged a contraption anyone’s grandpappy would be proud of: I opened a dead outboard SCSI hard-drive, disconnected the drive itself, and pulled out the housing fan so I can position it independently to cool the laptop’s heat sink. Then, I set up a system of shims made from cork and toothpicks to float the keyboard off the surface of the heatsink, allowing the fan to move the hot air out.

I’d post a picture, but, um…

Well, maybe I will anyway.

UPDATE: Interestingly, the other image tool I set up many moons ago, NetPBM, works fine. I think I saw where the 2.51 upgrade to Moveable Type supports NetPBM now; purrhaps I’ll look into it more deeply.

7 thoughts on “limping to bethlehem

  1. Ok, give me a minute to stop laughing.

    OK, um, better now.

    Have you thought about a liquid nitrogen cooling system?

    Or maybe suspend the entire rig in a vat of non-conductive liquid (gasoline is not recommended)?

  2. Hey! I don’t see what is so funny! Pure genius, I tell you! Those toothpicks are so…so…positively inspiring!

    Reckon that is one flaptop that is never goin’ travelin’ agin.

  3. Ken:

    I was gonna refangle the himmy-whatsit, but then I realized the wangdoodle had already refaginated the fragmentation bus.

    So then I thought, hey, maybe it’s in the EPS circuitry, up inside the Jeffries tubes.

    Pinax: you are correct, but because the battery won’t charge and hasn’t since I bought it for chep, sans screen and a couple other parts.

    In fact, I do hope to see Bellerophon returned to a non-semi-eviscerated state.

    Paul: the thermal conductive paste is in fact on the way.

    I actually did my homework on extreme cooling and have, out of camera range, a can of DUST-OFF: turn it on its side, blast a away for a second, and, yeahh boyee, the frost is on the punkin.

    However, no blue LEDs are slated for this mod. If I could use twigs and walnuts instead of toothpicks and corks, that’s more like it.

    Hm, that bears some thought.

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