Apparently non-computroid persons have been having a hard time following my tale of woe.

Here’s a brief translation, with a tiny background note.

When computers overheat, they break. The older the computer, the more likelihood heat will have damaged components. Additionally, the closer together the parts of the computer are packed (as in a laptop), the more heat becomes a problem.

My server, a rebuilt-from-junk parts Mac about 4 years old, displays the symptoms of heat death.

I have spent the last week relearning the essential computer-user’s lesson, “Do it right the first time; cutting corners costs time.”

Until I can replace the part that I think is heat-damaged, inexpensively, it appears, I have implemented the mother of all temporary solutions, to the amusement of many, possibly you.

Now, will someone go get their mom to read this back and check for comprehensibility?

5 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH!!!

  1. Gosh, suddenly it’s as though the clouds have been lifted from my eyes, and my blinding confusion has been replaced by a toneless boredom. Thank you.

  2. What happened to the Mike Whybark of my youth, who would hide in his little cubicle back near accounting and leave all of this technical mumbo-jumbo to himself? This is not the Mike Whybark I’d let come with me to Hana Teriyaki…

  3. There is a certain breezy insouciance to Mr. Whybark’s recitation of electronic woe, that is hardly likely to be based in life (I detect a little cyclical golgotha in his seriated missives, a barely-concealed anguish of spirit at the possible demise of bellerophon), but which still reflects a quite literate approach to the technical discourse.

    Oh, Mr. Whybark, heed not the sarcastic admonishments of Mr. Goldstein. We accept all your techno-offerings with eagerness. Even your condensations (which even a mother could love) are epistolary marvels…;)

  4. Oh, don’t worry: when Ken’s expressing concern, all’s right with the world.

    Just don’t get into a gambling contest with him.

    Hey, waitaminit now….

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