So, I thought was back.

Alas, some fiddly bits hung me up all day. The good news is, now i can complete the entire server rebuild process in a semi-efficient manner! Here’s how i spent my sleep time this evening:

10:45p – 11:00p : swap internal and expansion bay drives on Bellerophon so that I can boot it in SCSI disk mode and se the drives on my desktop machine, a G4 (that CPU saves hours!).
11:00p-12 midnight: install OSX 10.2
12 midnight – 12:45a: Run Software Update
12:45a – 1:13a: copy some user data from old installs in Terminal
1:13a – 1:50a: Install Jaguar Dev tools and updates
1:50a – 2:08a: Install Marc Liyanage’s PHP and MySQL packages
2:08a – 3:17a: Install miscellaneous perl stuff via CPAN
3:17a – 4:04a: poke at oversights until things appear to work. Write this entry. Realize I installed the wrong backup of the databases. Fix. Re-paste this entry in.

Ta-daa! Now I must start the fink install process and off to bed with me.

After I rise, I’ll be swapping the drives back and hoping Bellerophon boots OK. Until then the G4 is masquerading as Bellerophon. After I file my first round of stories with Cinescape, I may need to down things again to fix any further reticent bits and bytes.

Boy, I hope I get this wrapped up today.

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