This year, a heavy gloom came upon me just after the first week of the month of September. I put it down to the same things you all did. Yet, although last year I felt wrecked by the news, I didn’t recall such a paralyzing black mood as that which held me in its smothering paws last week. And yet, it seemed, somehow, familiar.

I am going to tell you a sad, sad story this week.

You may wish to look at the date in the flyer I reproduce above. Click it for a larger view.

2 thoughts on “and these few precious days I'll spend with you

  1. Can’t quite figure out how to extend a hand, a shoulder through this text box.

    Read everything here backwards like Memento, ending with forshadowing.

    Brahms Requiem, that wide deep sadness.

    . . . Mike.


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