Now that I have work to do, idle blogsurfing seems somehow much MORE attractive than it did just yesterday.

Let’s see, if I were Ken, I’d…

  • chew, worry, and otherwise attend to nails, cuticles, and so forth
  • look to see if there were any obscure British humor shows on BBC America or maybe on ifc or canadian TV
  • repeatedly pick up the physical objects associated with the assignment (notes, raw materials from the client, pens) and fiddle with them while sighing heavily
  • Experience distracting itching just as I was getting into the rhythym
  • seriously consider the possibility of entering an online minesweeper tourney which offers real money
  • spend at least two hours writing something for the Illuminated Donkey instead of about the assignment
  • undoutedly other, less savory pursuits, all in the service of not getting the assignment done

Then I’d get to work and crank out the finest piece of understated technical writing that Jersey City’s ever seen.

NOT being Ken Goldstein but rather Mike Whybark, though, I’d

  • Spend several hours designing and thinking about workflow systems to allow me to to the work as fast as humanly possible
  • Spend more time musing to myself (and you guys) about that than actually developing the tools I’ve dreamt up
  • Start doing the work only to be distracted again
  • eventualy, I’d do the work

Can you guess what stage I’m in right now?

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