Jon Nelson, possibly my new favorite film critic, says, “I just saw Batman Begins,” and among other things, notes:

“I think that it might very well be THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE,” going on to note that “It had depth of badness.”

Really, the whole thing is worth quoting, but I’ll refrain. this choice bit, though, must be passed along.

“The plot is dolled up with lots of racist crap from the ‘mystic east’ and some really dumb psychedelic obscurantism. Under that layer of drivel is some nasty reactionary nihilistic bullshit masquerading as crusading idealism.”

Ah, what a sweet rant. My only complaint is that it lacks detail.

One thought on “Crusading Hero Fights back

  1. Thanks Mike. It lacks detail because I wrote it at 2:30 in the morning. I was so profoundly offended that I couldn’t sleep until I’d made a public statement as to how much I hated the thing.

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