Man, we rolled by over ten houses today, and got into three. We filled out an app for one with a sweet location and have appointments for three more on Monday and Tuesday. We’re really moving.

Afterwards we had dinner in Ballard (again) with Don and Trish at Sofrito Rico, a Puerto Rican place at the end of the Market commercial district. Reading blogs tonight I noticed that Greg and Stacey ate there last night for their anniversary. Small world.

I am totally beat.

I was pleased to hear from my dad that he got his father’s day gift on time, even though I sent it late. It was a late-30s or early-40s pewter sommelier’s cup made in part from an old French franc coin. The manufacturer’s label is still attached to the back of the cup.

One thought on “House Beat

  1. trish recommended it last vball game. i asked what sofrito meant and the waiter said it is the starter base for PR dishes you know onion garlic pepper etc…had my left overs today and i am thinking cilantro is in there too. did you get the burn (up, not down there)?
    read that eulogy what a tear jerker hope someone actually says something at my….wake.
    did you like our day of the dead family portrait?
    oh… it says comments not questions, damn. -svb

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