Viv and I drove all over the north end today, looking at rentals. On our way up I snagged a car adapter for the Powerbook so I would be able to do that bluetooth-modem thing and get Google maps of our destinations on the fly; as it happened, I’d planned far enough ahead that I only had to go online while driving around twice.

We saw two that looked great, both on the very western edges of their respective neighborhoods, Magnolia and Ballard.

Afterward, we repaired for dinner to the Hi-Life, formerly a terrible dive known as the Ballard Firehouse (yes, I’ve played there, and yes, it sucked) for a pricey but yummy dinner. On our way out the door we ran into my long-ago ex-wife and spent the rest of the early evening playing catch-up over a walk through old Ballard and drinks.

We have tentative showings on the two most promising places Monday night.

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