chordie provides a meta-base of multiple web sites that contain various iterations of lyrics and chop-chord style marked-up versions of songs, which is the particular format I prefer to learn from. the site makes clever and appropriate use of CSS to send printer data. Alas for Safari’s fixed 1/4″ margins.

The site offers membership, which appears to provide users the ability to build song collections and to save these collections to PDF for downloading.

Finally, the site also offers a beautiful feature, instant song transposition. Here’s the traditional song House of the Rising Sun – click the “Transpose” link under the chord lookup diagram, and look at the chords, both in place over the song lyrics, and in the lookup box.

The only feature I could think of that I’d like to see added is an instrument selection feature, so that I could set the chord lookup to display mando or banjo chords instead, or in addition.

As far as content, personally, I’d love to see the digitrad database added. The main website for digitrad is the Mudcat Cafe, but Rick Heit has long offered a ‘personal’ copy of the songs on his website. His offering is interesting because it provides the melodic information for the song in one of several formats.