I will be helping a friend move from Mac OS 9, where she relied upon a flavor of Netscape as her email client of choice. So some info on getting that data out will be helpful, I imagine.

to Mozilla 1.0 from N4.x.

Exporting the addressbook from N4.x.

Export from N.x to Outlook/OE.

Export from Yahoo to Mozilla, re-export to Address Book.

OE to AdBk.

Or I might consider trying an Apple-provided import script that supports multiple formats, including Palm, OE, Eudora, and Claris Emailer. Hm… maybe I should finally try to merge my Palm contacts with my woolly, overgrown thornbush of a Eudora address book.

Hmph. It only picked up 24 contacts, out of several hundred. Must not have known where to look.

So here’s an ancillary question – can you get email archives out of Netscape?

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