I can’t stop!


Yamaha offers a range of models both predictable and not. A samurai helmet! Frogs! Snails!.

Also available are many models of animals, including a polar bear and a penguin. One assumes the bear might easily become a yeti. I did not notice the presence or absence of a club. Furthering the video-game wildlife concept is of course the
hedgehog. Alas, however, no badger nor snake.

Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons and Dragons village and keep construction kit, including gatehouse, houses, walls, and, of course, a mausoleum and graveyard. Alas, no cathedral.

3D Papercraft

Japanese (commercial?) site, framed. In the column to the left, click ‘new’ or other topic heading. ‘New’ will open an 86 page list of offsit elinks from which I pluck another obscure Trek model at Homespun Magixx, an utterly kawaii hamster, and a selection of guitars.

6 thoughts on “Still more card models

  1. Awesome. (I am totally gonna download a polar bear!) Seriously, though — I can be distracted for hours-into-days by simply giving me some colorful scraps of paper. Your links are the happy equivalent of two weeks’ vacation for me!

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