(This was originally an update but grew as I explored the Czech model site. Chezchloslovakia was a center of paper modeling back in the seventies and there are continual and lovely new kits coming from the Czech Republic today.)

Three more from BB. I’ve seen the NASA stuff, may have seen the Star Wars stuff, and the Aliens rifle is new to me. The Aliens site also has a wide range of other models available. Unfortunately it’s framed which makes it hard to link to properly. The modeler (a Czech) also includes a link labeled ‘My Building Process‘ which explains how he develops his models from extant 3D models. His English is not 100% but like his models he gets the important stuff correct.

Models available from him include the APC, the entire colony (understandably ‘under construction’), and projected models of more or less everything in the entire film. This guy is pretty ambitious. Finally, under his link marked bonus, he provides some intriguing models from a variety of sources including Star Trek movie-era Starbase and in some ways the most intriguing, a spacecraft model credited as being from the ‘great Czech comic Galaxia‘ but which is in fact unquestionably at least based on the original Battlestar Galactica.

Again I say, what, no Space 1999?

UPDATE: whoops, almost forgot. A Tron lightcycle.