danelope_site_avatar_head.jpgOn November 28, 2003, Mr. Lope featured some Nintendo card models.

This link was derived from a search for the word “model” conducted via Mr. Lope’s search facility. Not included in the search results was the April 29, 2002 link to the Paper Engineer’s Workshop, the online presence of Keisuke Saka, whose work highlights the sculptural qualities of automata.

UPDATE: D’oh! Mr. Lope beat me to the workshop link here. On his site he notes he likes the Dreaming Penguin – I’m partial to the Doomed Fish, but I like the chairs and also ‘the most famous quartet in the world,’ neither apparenty kitted, more’s the pity.

UPDATE II: And look! Dan’s got the Yamaha papercraft stashed down in there too!