Irregular Orbit: Narthex – A Small Story From the Days of Punk [via Boing Boing – Mark’s been active lately and it’s a good thing].

“Here is our amazingly obscure story, because all of these little stories added up to a remarkable era — everyone who participated should be telling their own first-hand stories.”

Amen to that.

Here are a couple of mine: the Tussin Up archive and Modock, both posted quite a while ago. Must reactivate guestbooks!

The Modock website includes Mp3s and video. The Tussin Up site presents browsable scans of every page of every issue of the late Steve Millen‘s amazing ‘zine.

Other archival audio including a live set by the Walking Ruins may be found here. Eric White’s Walking Ruins video archive is here.

2 thoughts on “DIY redux

  1. On one hand that Narthex story linked to a great Devo site. On the other I was forced to listen to more self-effusive punk accolades like “To hell with corporate-annointed virtuoso hacks sprinkling their divine genius over arena receptacles. You only need a few basic skills and something of your own to say.”

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