A pointer post to yesterday’s USB printing plea, now resolved.

If your USB-shared HP printer is misbehaving under Mac OS X by not providing all options to all clients on the network, make sure the drivers on all the machines are the same version.

1. Download the updated printer drivers from HP.

2. Install the drivers on all the machines in the network, servers and clients, to ensure the same version is deployed. HP notes that differing versions of drivers can cause problems in printing in networked environments.

3. On each machine, delete and re-add the printer in Print Center to be certain that the installation process zapped old prefs and settings.

Kudos to Manuel for prompting me to think this through systematically, leading to my decision to read the readme. D’oh.

One thought on “USB Printer sharing in Mac OS X: resolution

  1. Yes. I believe in OS X if you install new printer drivers for an existing printer they don’t “take” until you delete and re-add the printer. When you click on Add printer in the Printer Setup Utility it searches for new drivers first.

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