Everybody is either stunned or entertained by Quiznos’ adoption of the spongmonkeys, it seems. The truly amazing thing to me is just what a well-kept secret Joel Veitch’s work apparently has remained these past couple years. Those of us fortunate enough to be exposed to the beloved earworm in its’ primary incarnation are unsurprised by the hubbub, though.

I’ll remind the reader that lyrics and chords are to be found, as well.

In the comments over at Dear God Damn Diary, where B2 is hosting a windows-media capture of the Quiznos ad, reasonable speculation has erupted over what dada-flash masterwork is destined to next burst forth upon the world.

The current frontrunner would appear to be, naturally enough, the works of j. picking in the form of either Weebl and Bob or (my pony in this race) Badgers.

It’s interesting, and I think probably not coincidental, that both weebl and spongmonkey are (in my mind anyway) associated with the hugely entertaining b3ta.

Any others out there? I’m sure by now if I had resurrected the Ken Goldstein Project I’d have a shot. I do have a brief clip of Ken singing the Hampsterdance song over the phone. It does leads one’s mind in a certain direction…

3 thoughts on “Who's next?

  1. I can’t watch the Helm’s Deep scene anymore without picturing the Elves marching in with badger heads sticking out of their cloaks. Or Gimli speaking dwarf gibberish…

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