One Suicide Too Many: by Philip Dawdy

CYNTHIA DOYON meant business the morning of Aug. 5. She was cleaning out her desk at KUOW-FM and moving on after 24 years at the NPR station. The 48-year-old with a smooth, husky voice had been working part time on weekends as the host of The Swing Years and Beyond. For photographs, she dressed like a 1940s throwback—checked jackets and skirts, permed blond hair carefully parted to the side. Around the University of Washington campus, however, she was most commonly seen walking to the library wearing khakis and a windbreaker, Schlitz beer cap on her head, books in her arms.

Watching the persistent traffic to and heartfelt messages left on my two posts about Doyon’s death tells me that this article will certainly be of interest to many people. I have yet to read the piece, but I hope it helps to answer the many sad questions I’ve seen in my email inbox these past few months.

(After reading the piece: It’s good, and impassioned, and worth reading.)

Rest in peace, Cynthia: you are truly remembered with deep fondness.

2 thoughts on “Seattle Weekly on suicide, Doyon

  1. I thought the Doyon article was well-done.

    I wish I had something uplifting to contribute, but as is I can only point towards this New Yorker story link if you haven’t already read it:
    It’s powerful, unbelievable stuff.

    “As he crossed the chord in flight, Baldwin recalls, ‘I instantly realized that everything in my life that I?d thought was unfixable was totally fixable?except for having just jumped.'”

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