Mr. Paine’s spirit is apparently distributing handbills on the streets of Seattle.

As a designer who has gleefully cribbed from the type design of other eras, I applaud this somewhat unrefined effort to employ eighteenth-century modes of type design. The lovely marbling is nothing more than street mud, which I believe truly finshes the piece.





handbill found at the intersection of Pine and 9th,
Tuesday evening, January 13, 2004

2 thoughts on “Tom Paine's Ghost

  1. Now all it needs is 18th century S’s…

    By the way, Mike (speaking of print media), apparently the Tablet newspaper is switching to some sort of monthly format, if not shutting down altogether. This is a calamity, as I make use of it in updating my website’s Seattle open mic calendar; Tablet is about the only Seattle publication with up-to-date club info. I love the political stuff too. Alas for the shrinking budgets of independent newspapers!! Anyway, I thought you might know more details of their near-future plans, since you are one of their writers…


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