I had my interview in Redmond (no, not with a certain software behemoth) this afternoon and it went very well. Over pho the CTO showed and discussed the company’s product and I’m still very excited about it. I also found the CTO likeable and enjoyed our conversation.

On the way home, I couldn’t find the stop for the 545, which is the fast bus back to Seattle, so I took a 249 (a magic short bus!) to the Bellevue transit center. I killed time on the bus by firing up KisMAC, a stumbler that works with third-party wireless cards and drivers.

In the thirty minutes we drove though the suburban Eastside, skirting the shore of Lake Samammish, not once was I without wireless access for over a minute; sadly, I was unable to connect, but that may be a configuration problem with the app (it takes over from the default driver when you launch it).

KisMAC prompts you to save the results, and I did so – I’ll crunch the numbers and get back to you. Have your people call my people, and they’ll do lunch.