Fanimatrix: just what you think it might be. Posted sight unseen, via BoingBoing, as a followup to my thinking out loud the other day, and becasue t has come to my attention that if there can be Star Trek bands, there can be Star Wars compilation CDs.

That’s nearly the kind of licensing challenge that makes me think I need to pick up the phone and talk to my licensing schmoes, but Lucas is waaay outta their league.

Huh, looka there:

“6. Dow Jones & The Industrials – R2-D2 (4:20)”

Research reveals that this band is not the band I was hoping they would be.

The connections of that other band, Dow Jones & The Industrials, to my perennial obsession, the Gizmos, are very, very deep. DJI was the other early punk/new wave band in Indiana in the late seventies/early eighties, and in fact shared the 12″ split LP “Hoosier Hysteria” with them. The most recent Gizmos reunions were intended as benefits for DJI founding drummer Tim North, who unfortunately passed away before the shows. DJI did play the shows as scheduled, I believe.

Head Gizmo and pilot of the Vulgar Boatmen Dale Lawrence wrote a preview of the shows, and an appreciation of North, in the May 14 Nuvo.

I do not know if they played “R2-D2.” It seems unlikely, as it’s another band’s song. But a song about Star Wars would not have been totally inconceivable; they incorporated a sufficient amount of bleeping techno burble that something intriguing might well have emerged.