7 thoughts on “Sushi and Mr. Murray

  1. I liked it as well, although I didn’t feel it was particularly deep or meaningful. Nice cinematography and knife-twistingly good use of a lot of music I already know well are a big plus.

    Does SJ have some kind of line in her contract saying she must appear without pants every third scene? (Oh, never mind. I can already hear the critical rebuff: “Her character appears without pants because she is from a culture that is, to all intents and purposes, pantsless.” Or something.)

  2. Did you find the pantlessness offensive? I guess I sort of thought it was appropriate, a character detail. She’s alone in the hotel, up late at night and can’t sleep.

    We watched the virgin suicides this weekend and it’s even more meaningless than Lost in Translation. Both are beautiful and great while viewing, but don’t leave you with much at the end. That’s ok with me though.

  3. Anne has a point. However, we should be thankful that the panty shots of Bill Murray were reduced in the final cut.

  4. So, this has nothing to do with the conversation, though I find it interesting how much you see in “Lost in Translation” that I didn’t, but I was wondering if anyone knew where you could possibly get those ‘funny paper flower thingies’. I thought they were very pretty and simplistic. Hopefully it’s not one of those ‘only in Japan’ things. Thanks. please email me at leam_01@hotmail.com if you know…. xie xie

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