My referrer logs are going crazy – apparently Paul’s guest-posting is one of the must-link blackout stories for bloggers; I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on Bellerophon to see if she can take it. The biggest day we’ve had in the past was in the wake of the passing of Bill Mauldin in January, as I recall…

So far today’s traffic won’t quite get that big, if the pattern holds true, but it’s plenty big to make me concerned about heat-related freezes on the poor dear. So: if you can’t read this, you know why!

UPDATE: Wonder what the blackout was like in NC for a survivor of the WTC disaster on 9-11? Look no further: Jahna D’Lish has the scoop, and acknowledges some post-traumatic stress while at the same time expressing herself in her usual, assertive way! You go, girl!

Ken had encouraged me to give the girl a jingle for on-the-spot reporting but afer his thrilling updates I felt like I’d done my job.

(In the MeFi thread I cited earlier, there’s a passing reference to people being trapped in elevators in the city during the blackout… Stop and think about such an experience for a moment, and be thankful that you were not one of that unfortunate number.)

UPDATE II: Well, just as this was posted: KERRANG! Bellerophon went down like a poorly-masoned brick wall. All’s well and here’s hopin’ there won’t be more crashes. At least I have a recent backup now.

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