We visited the zoo on Sunday, and I took a bazillion pix.


  • Hearing a tiger roar, which made all my hair stand on end. Then we watched him play with a rubber fishing-net float. I got a shot of him bursting through some foliage with his toy right after the roar.
  • Watching the gorilla troop – there was a year-or-so old infant hanging around Mom right by the window and all the human toddlers were totally fascinated by him. He was not so interested in the kids, though.
  • Standing behind a small porthole viewpoint as a huge grizzly bear strode right up to the window and alternately siffed at the glass, looked me in the eye from a distance of four inches, and scrabbled at the glass with his huge, huge paws. It took pretty much all my will not to obey the adrenaline that poured into my veins and run away shrieking and gibbering. It was neat. Sadly, my slo-poke camera’s shot buffer was full and the images I attempted to take were not written to memory card.

Here he is, headed right for me.

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