OK, I’m making it official. I declare this to be BLIMP WEEK!

Seven consecutive entries here at mike.whybark.com will be oriented toward the wonders of lighter-than-air aviation! Tell your friends! Send your mom!

Now, technically, I hope to make most of the entries about dirigibles, but Blimp Week is more fun to say. And it’s so utterly opposed to that lamest of lame cable promos, the Discovery Channel’s $%^&* Shark Week.

And you KNOW what folks would think if I tried to call it “Zep Week”, for god’s sake.

All week, on mike.whybark.com, it’s BLIMMP WEEK! If it’s SLOWWW… and it FLOATS in the AIR… and it’s been EMPHATICALLY ABANDONED as a MILITARY TECHNOLOGY… we’ve got it here. It’s BLIMMP WEEK… DON’T TOUCH THAT MOUSE!

Uhm, I’ll make that eight entries, since the next entry really should have it’s own title, and I am counting this entry.

Here’s a link to an old site about LTA, ZEPPELIN. I believe this is the oldest site on the topic to be found online. If “Zeppelin” is not the oldest, than this one is: Airship.