Nope, the Goodyear paper bag.

While we’re on the subject, check out Goodyear’s killer site on the company’s long association with lighter-than-air aviation: Includes this page featuring old film footage of lots of interesting things, including a five-ship fleet parade, the christening of the Akron, and other footage that will confirm your pre-extant belief systems regarding lighter-than-air aviation.

I personally would really love to be able to, for example, take an airship to San Francisco, or even Victoria B.C. Here’s what the flight to Seattle from Victoria looks like on a perfect flying day at 3000 feet – approximately the cruising altitude of the great sky ships of the 30’s.

2 thoughts on “The goodrich blimp?

  1. Mike–were you at Jason’s concert last night? I’ve been looking all over for photos of it! Otherwise, see you at the “Seedy Release Party” at the Paradox Theater on June 1st!!


  2. Yeah, Karen I was there. Since I answered on the list too, I’ll let you read what I had to say there. But, no, no pix here this time.

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