As threatened.

Spent much of today cleaning up. My folks will be out here later this month and it seems wiser to vacuum once now, when it’s been untended for a fairly long time, and once more a bit closer to the date of arrival when what looks lovely and clean now may turn out to be an unacceptable patch of dust and filth.

(Early visitors to this entry recieved a bizarrely squeezed version of the pic, a result of slight variances in UI when using Safari to post rather than IE.

No, wait!

It’s a bug! Hm, Paul, is this a well-known Safari-MT problem? The image upload widget did not recalculate the constrained size of the smaller image on upload, but rather applied the shorter value and the original value when creating the thumb.)

3 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. I’ll field that one… The javascript doesn’t do the calculation in exactly the same way. If memory serves, one can just tab to the next field and it will pick it up.

    I may be mistaken. And I can recommend iPhoto –> Blog (though I need to review 0.2) or Kung-Log’s photo posting technique.

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