Paul sez, “post it.”

Despite the fact of it’s being a quickie I will. Originally this was a line in a comment on Paul’s site, but it changed. “Bel” is an abbreviation I use to refer to bellerophon, this webserver.

It’s also an old, old, North African name used by the Berber, who lived along the shores of the Mediterranean before the Romans. When the Islamic expansion came, they moved into the mountains, and some beyond into the desert.

This was composed prior to this week’s earthquake in Algeria.

Originally, “Hades’ mist” was “Agent Smith,” in a silly Matrix reference which I’ve since thought better of.

For Hades’ mist has touched the mind of Bel;
and before Roman eyes his city falls.
There, above the Carthaginian shore
his home shall be among the mountain folk,
Past the end of empires: one, two, three, four.

In other news, partial restores of both modock and tussinup are in place. Digging into Gallery reveals: there is no straightforward way to automate the album-building process. Foo.

A big THANK YOU to Google caching!

5 thoughts on “poat-ry

  1. Ach!

    “touched the eyes ” is truer to the classical sources.

    But I am thinking of the mind here. hm. Who’s the Lord of Misrule, back Olympus way? Pan?

  2. Pan is pretty close, I would think. There is also Hermes, who was more of the mischief maker (a la Loki).

    Pan was mischief through drunkeness, whereas Hermes (god of thieves as well as messengers) was at it from his cradle.

  3. But for sheer meanness and mischief, I would vote for Eris, goddess of strife and discord. Not sure what sort of mischief you had in mind…

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