Today’s meditative activities included getting the image-server ‘Gallery’ back up, the php/mysql-based site counter reactivated, and some other wrangling along those lines.

My outstanding goals, then, are:

  • add images back to Gallery
  • re-update the resume site
  • re-deploy and
  • re-deploy the guestbooks for both of these sites
  • re-deploy the Ken Goldstein Project

Of these, getting the images into Gallery and redeploying the KGP look to be the trickiest, as both modock and tussinup are relatively simple sites that I developed offline – so, in theory, I should be able to more-or-less slap the dev copies up and fine-tune. Tussinup is dependent on Gallery-hosted images, however.

And there’s the rub. On bellerophon, Gallery takes about 20 seconds to process each image – and I estimate up to 4000 images to be processed. Leave aside the whole issue of my storage structure conventions. Yeesh.