One last thing to squeeze in here before I get going on the special. My friend Jason Webley recently announced his first concert of the season here in Seattle on May 3. He won’t be playing in Seatle again until July, so you’d better grab tix if you’re interested in seeing whether or not he lost any fingers or toes to frostbite at the last show.

If you’re not sure who Jason is or what is music sounds like, there are links to all of his recordings as RealAudio files on his site.

I have a pre-blog account of his final show of the year at Halloween, 2001 up (lots of pictures: towers, giant human hands, a torchlit parade, fire, and La Belle Dame Sans Merci all play a part), and Karen has a description of last year’s final show up (hours of silent freezing in the midnight cold with one crazy accordion player tied to a tree in subfreezing temperatures wearin’ his skivvies, among other mind-bending peculiarities).

So, to summarize: go to this show!

One thought on “Webley show set

  1. Hi, Mike–I sure hope there are sufficient tickets at the door for this show, as I don’t have any credit cards appropriate for Paypal transactions. You haven’t heard of any outlets selling tickets for this show, or the community center selling them ahead of time, have you? I definitely plan to be there, though, one way or another, and I guess I’ll have to get there way early!


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