A few days ago I noted that my personal fictions include a narrative whereby I cannot construct the fictional as a deliberate act of creation – I can lie, sure, but ask me to write a short story or develop a script for comics and I just shake my head, mute.

Actually, that’s not what I noted. But whatever I said, if you read it, I choose to believe that is what you understood me to say.

Being of sound mild intoxication, I propose that I will inagurate a week-long project, starting tomorrow, in which each narrative will be a wholly factual recounting of some vignette from my life as a traveler. Save one, into which I will inject a fictionalizing lie. My experience of travel begins early and has yet to stop, so there’s a fair amount of material to work with.

Here are my rules.

Each piece will roll to between 500 and 1000 words.

One piece will be posted daily. As is usual in my week-long specials, barring extremely notable events in RL, I’ll blog naught but my narrative.

You, cher googleurs and dear readers alike, are invited to opine as to whether or not the narrative of the day contains the lie, which I shall endeavor to cache from casual observation. However, I will not pursue detective-fiction rules: you’ll have to determine the falsity from the true on the basis of the clarity of emotional tenor, dear hearts. On April 20th, I’ll review the contenders and possibly come clean. If I don’t fess up right then, it will be shortly thereafter.

Two more points: this little literary game begins on Sunday, April 13 (no numerological or religious symbology intended) and will close on Saturday, April 19.

Everybody ready? GO!

4 thoughts on “Seven Truths and One Lie

  1. yes, Felicity, I think so.


    I have not yet decided, but it is after midnight, and the title of my proposal is both accurate and definitiive. There will be seven posts, starting later today, and I will not lie in comments threads, as I want to keep my powder dry.

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