Had jury duty this morning, in Shoreline. The courthouse is on Meridian at the north end of a park and I dove right by it at first. Once parked I joined a security queue and then eventually about fifty people in a courtroom. We took some forms and filled them out and eventually a court employee came out and gave us some instructions before beginning a disqualification process. First, people with medical reasons to not serve were excused (illness, doctor appointment, being elderly enough that you couldn’t hear, etc.).

Then, people with hardship commitment conflicts (childcare, self-employed).

Then, she asked everyone who “wouldn’t be paid” to star up and move to the excused side of the room. I reflexively did this because I literally would not be paid while on jury duty, with the exception of the $10 per diem.

After I had left the courthouse, I realized what she probably actually meant “wouldn’t be paid” by an extant employer. So I think although I actually followed her instructions to the letter, her instructions were flawed and I shouldn’t have been excused on that basis. Oh well.

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