Well, 21 and change. I was hoping to bump it close enough to 22 on the week that it would pop over to 24 and change but unless I run tomorrow and explicitly break the ten-percent rule that ain’t happening. If I ran tomorrow I would just go for it and get 25 in and that would be dumb.

So tomorrow is an off day except for mowing the lawn and suchlike.

DS9 rewatch is up to The One Where Worf Kills His Brother (or Not). Have been putting in only perfunctory time in RoF, but am clearly showing improvement in both plane control and gunnery. Too bad the MM portion of the game is dominated by five-year players, because that’s a hill I’m simply too late for.

In thinking about fooling myself into using the computational devices to exercise enthusiasms and skills long fallow I’ve been budgeting an hour a day to dump a song into the iPad using GarageBand. No fancy shit and fussing with good mics or anything, just headphones, the cheap guitar (which I have come to love for its’ questionable tunings and thing squawky tone), and the iPad. It’s super easy to get hypnotized into getting it perfect instead of getting it done, as is the case with all computery things. So far I’m about five songs into a familiar set. Next I hope to start transcribing and butchering stuff I have found from the weeks of Victrola and Edison YouTube listening I have been rocking. We’ll see. Or hear. Or something.