I wrote a long and pointless post on my antipathy to the literature of the extreme landscape here last night in the wee hours, prompted by my total indifference to a New Yorker piece about California’s Imperial Valley. But it was et by computer demons. I don’t think I’ll rewrite it.

This is my 21 mile week. I am at 13 after two days. I was trying to run seven miles yesterday and six today but I run barefoot on our treadmill and my left toe felt abraded after six miles, so I deferred until today.

My running companion is a DS9 rewatch (or watch) and the episodes this week have been s04, Homefront parts 1 & 2 and episodes to either side. I am glad I have been giving the show another shake.

Yesterday the weather was amazingly beautiful, but a tad hot at eighty in my yard. This is of concern to me. It’s far too early for such unconscionable heat.

UPDATE: oh, look, a Malcolm Gladwell piece.