I had been considering heading down to the Mariners game tonight but had also decided to enact such under a new drive plan. Instead of heading down between 3:30 and 4, which guarantees no traffic issues on most days where the games start at 7:10, I had thought to try driving down sometime shortly after 6p.

Instead, I see that both the radio and Gmaps shows southbound 99 and I-5 to be at a total standstill due to wreck on 99 and a building fire just south of that which has completely closed southbound 99. Watching gmaps turn all the surface streets downtown red told me everything I needed to know. Last year there were a couple of times that this happened early enough in the day that I was caught in the storm. One of those times I was in my car for nearly four hours and it eventually died about two miles from the stadium.

I suppose I should keep track of the frequency of these events. Once a year is too much; we seem to be having them every three months.


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