Nine miles in on my not-quite fifteen this week and I am finally feeling physically tired from the exercise at the end of the day, which, I suppose is good news. My objective is to get up to twenty-five mile weeks. That should be sometime around May with a strict 10% growth plan. I wonder how long the four and five mile days will feel tiring.

Still no hint of exercise endorphins; I still feel full of rage as my body adjusts to the energy demands, like as a side effect of the adrenaline, I guess. By now I’m used to it and can recognize it for what it is, an emotional reaction created by the physical experience of excercise. It still blows.

The last couple years I ran, I immediately dropped several pounds and then kept dropping them, at a slightly slower pace, and my blood pressure dropped immediately as well. This year, my BP readings have barely budged and my weight has also stuck around.

Last week, at the doctor’s, my BP readings were where I had expected them to be by now. So my thought was perhaps my monitor was messed up. So I bought another. It reads the same as the one I have been using. I still need to pay better attention to the reqs for accuracy, I think, since I always have consumed significant coffee by the time I take a reading. The matching readings on two different pieces of gear is of concern, though, as is the static weight.