I feel like I am hitting the same learning curve issues in Rise of Flight that I had last time I took a run at it. My gunnery appears to be improving a bit, which is nice. I still have a hard time with the plane-specific engine management stuff and there do appear to be some transient bugs in the game that can affect key inputs, making the larger multi-crew aircraft problematic.

Many years ago I used to run a playlist of pre-1920 pop recordings in the background while playing Dawn of Aces, in like, what, 1997? Something like that. Pre-iTunes. Eighteen years later it should come as no surprise that a couple hard drive failures lost much of that early stuff. Seems like a lot of it came from an early online enthusiast’s page of their personal connection.

Naturally today the correct place to trawl for cylinder and victrola recordings to listen to is YouTube. Here’s a playlist of the hundred or so tunes I have glommed in a couple of short late-night sessions for use as background music whilst flying and crashing.