Woke as Viv was panicked about leaving on time this morning, around 4:30 am. Normally her alarms start at around 3 and she likes to be on the road just before 5. She’s had this exercising schedule in a couple of different incarnations for a few years now. She swears it’s OK now and doesn’t hate it.

It’s not unusual for me to waken as she leaves as it generally falls into the four hour trough of preindustrial sleep. Usually I am just awake for about an hour and go back to sleep until around 8 or 9. Today I stayed awake.

You’d think the extra time would mean I did extra stuff, but not really. I ran my slated two miles and was surprised to see that I should have gone two and a half. I finished up my photo processing gig and reintegrated the accountant copies of my various company and personal accounting software files. Tomorrow I have to review the accountant changes and then I can get going on all the tax bullshit, personal and corporate.

I never really understand the purpose or intent of accountant changes or of tax accountants. They just appear to be a mandated, meaningless annual expense which is intended to be justified by the theoretical reduction of mandated meaningful expenses in the form of taxes, a goal I neither understand nor support. So my attention wanders and I have a bad attitude toward my accountants, for which I apologize.

What else? I watched parts of the first Mariners spring training game, a game lost on stupid, careless errors in both the ninth and tenth innings. Which was comforting in a way. I rejiggered a nest of computer cables such that I can now share the LCD graphics tablet, a USB hub, and analog audio in/out between the tower Mac and the Wintel box via KVM.

I really should post some gear on eBay, I have some amazing and obscure stuff that someone somewhere could use.

No flying tonight, the early rise has me headed to bed early tonight, I think.