using quickbooks is akin to rubbing a cheese grater on your face for several hours. – 01:33 AM GMT
Winehouse. – 04:52 AM GMT
fucksake, google is only delivering 2pp of results. – 05:08 AM GMT
did someone threaten them with antitrust admin or something?two pages of bullshit results is a great way to drive me away. – 05:09 AM GMT
the band (Pitbulls) showed up and got the crowd so riled up a joist broke. the floor was like a trampoline under the feet of the dancers. – 05:21 AM GMT
this was, like, 1986 – 05:22 AM GMT
@OctagonMuseum JTIV’s Virginia-presented sword – 06:25 PM GMT
@surlygourmand been twice, once right after they opened, once a couple years ago. first time was literally mindblowing, went in cold. – 11:13 PM GMT
@surlygourmand second time, the show was written by Robert Lopez (El Vez) and featured both he and Big Mike (of Puddles fame) – 11:15 PM GMT
@surlygourmand Robert cheerfully harassed the shit out of me all show, introducing me to the crowd as Ira Glass – 11:15 PM GMT
@surlygourmand so, all in all, good times. but OOF spendy. – 11:16 PM GMT
@surlygourmand the second show was definitely less boggling, which is too bad. Robert’s El Vez shows are majestic, so I was disappointed. – 11:21 PM GMT
dylan is totally throwing down on my karaoke game – 11:28 PM GMT