RT: @jacobinmag: Jacobin would like to apologize to all Seattle Seahawks fans and offer them the gift of international socialism. pic.twitter.com/​NoE1xkuBIv – 05:02 AM GMT
@earinc aw dude. my in-laws are OC surfers from Laguna. That shot is like a telegram to move back. – 05:04 AM GMT
RT: @frankrogan: Well, the good news is, a bunch of sick kids in Boston get to meet Star-Lord. – 05:06 AM GMT
RT: @frankrogan: GRRAAAAAAHR – 05:11 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk WE SHALL NEVER KNOW – 05:12 AM GMT
@surlygourmand a carbuncle? – 05:13 AM GMT
alright, I follow about 300 tweeps. mostly they hate sports, yay! I did not check in here tonight at all. – 05:15 AM GMT
some folks decided to engage with the superbowl, also yay. We had pals over and I fed them awesome cuban food. – 05:16 AM GMT
Scrolling through this feed, I am so amused by the ways those of you who also engaged did so here, and I mean that with affection. – 05:18 AM GMT
Basically, if you lived near Boston, you were rooting for the Pats, otherwise, for the Seahawks, probably without a win expectation. – 05:20 AM GMT
Whatever. The pacific northwest and new england share many fundamental values and I could never imagine living any other place as an adult. – 05:21 AM GMT
But the PNW is the future. Sports is a terrible, abusive industry that is predicated on the literal destruction of human souls. – 05:24 AM GMT
We’ll be doing that more effectively, and in greater volume, with more efficiency, and possibly under revolutionary economic circumstances. – 05:25 AM GMT
Probably I won’t enjoy it. But next few years might still be pleasing to me, human cost directly observed, hopefully in minute detail. – 05:27 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk yes yes. i actually owe you and @gjcharlet some telephone time this early spring, for the first time. – 05:28 AM GMT
@matthetube frisbee golf park across the street apparently subsidised by meth industry, which, ok cool but like quit it with the breakins – 05:59 AM GMT
@matthetube but you know I could get behind tax subsidies for meth artists such as universal health care and so forth. – 06:02 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk universal health care – 06:03 AM GMT
RT: @GMA: No losers in this bet! Both @chris_haven and @seattlechildren will be getting @CaptainAmerica and Star-Lord visits! pic.twitter.com/​hJADsARCJ6 – 06:04 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk can you imagine how much better everyone would feel? maybe that’s why tye bad guys hate the idea so much. – 06:08 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk well, either way. vaginas and/or healthcare. no cowing, no sir. – 06:13 AM GMT
@manwhoyells dreamingwithjeff.com – 06:15 AM GMT
i moved an extra couch into the tube room due to guests today. i kinda like the one-couch-to-a-spouse possibility it opens up. – 06:41 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone @arthurwyatt cleans glasses, squints, decides glasses can’t do it, holds screen directly to eyeball – 06:43 AM GMT
@naxuu dreamingwithguy.comyou know, you have the power to actually do this thing – 06:45 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake @naxuu this interests me, cuz I don’t want kids and have none. no history of abuse but i can only see me as parent as a sin. – 07:49 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake @naxuu not that i’m in any way religious. I just see kids as pain vessels, so why would you make more? minority view, obvs. – 07:51 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake @naxuu there you go. a syllogism of sorts. – 05:12 PM GMT
@zipties it also leads inevitably to the one couch per inhabitant concept. not sure the cat and the dog would fully grok. – 05:14 PM GMT
Hockenberry just opened his show with the radio bit from Groundhog Day. Well played sir. – 05:15 PM GMT
RT: @kystokes: That Budweiser #SB49 ad mocked “pumpkin peach ales” — even though @ElysianBrewing, which they JUST BOUGHT, makes one: bit.ly/​1K4mCp5 – 08:10 PM GMT