@mubay Huitzilopotchli is the lord of war & in associated circs, death. That which controls time is death. Therefore death is beauty. – 04:51 AM GMT
RT: @mubay: Context pic.twitter.com/​eN9ipwGeSE – 04:51 AM GMT
@DearSplenda next level tard hatner – 04:56 AM GMT
seriously, where are the scrotal-inflater-shaming tweets? so disappointed – 04:58 AM GMT
Can we just stop using “trigger warning” now? Neil’s colonized it; it’s his. – 05:01 AM GMT
@harryburgan sorry Harry. i moved my foot. no ill intent. – 05:02 AM GMT
RT: @Wonkette: As a young girl, Joni Ernst plowed the field and worked the biscuit line. She had bread bags on her feet. po.st/​sDlZxc – 05:02 AM GMT
you know, i made biscuits tonight and oh never mind – 05:03 AM GMT
RT: @Richard_Kadrey: “If David Bowie can make being David Bowie cool, you can make being you cool.” pic.twitter.com/​0JG8CdJlTD – 05:04 AM GMT
RT: @History_Pics: Cesar Romero prior to filming his surfing scene with Adam West on “Batman,” 1967. pic.twitter.com/​7MGEwC6tEf – 05:05 AM GMT
RT: @DaveHolmes: I just watched the House Majority Leader sit on his hands, grim-faced, at the concept that I should be free of persecution in my home. Neat. – 05:09 AM GMT
RT: @harryburgan: This is a great President who’s speaking now. He’s the best of my lifetime. #proud #SOTU – 05:10 AM GMT
@Iron_Spike yes, family – 05:16 AM GMT
RT: @LeoMcGarry: Would it be insensitive of me to point out that the man who delivered the #GOPresponse in 2010 reports to prison on February 9? – 05:17 AM GMT
@surlygourmand treasure’s been gone for years. ayup. – 05:36 AM GMT
wait so maybe it’s Seattle vs. Indy after all? geez, how much cash do the colts and the pats have on hand? – 05:43 AM GMT
@harryburgan it is dude! I smile when i see you here, I hear your voice in my head as if you were speaking. – 05:45 AM GMT
@harryburgan for next like few days i can say go Colts! due to ball-sack inflation or something – 06:01 AM GMT
@harryburgan gaoddamn right, this is the place. wish Andy were here using that way. i much prefer it to FB. – 06:02 AM GMT
@hell0jed end times.@where is the chandler, the tinsmith? the candlemaker? perhaps a maritime ropewalk – 06:04 AM GMT
@harryburgan Dave and i txt all the time. ES and I are here and everywhere. I mostly ping JPS here but have been known to go to other modes. – 06:09 AM GMT
@harryburgan Colts are out, but it looks like Pats jimmed the balls and who knows. – 06:10 AM GMT
@harryburgan that would be great! it has been a while, but i do hit Chicago more than Bton. – 06:16 AM GMT
@harryburgan thanks dude! – 06:33 AM GMT
@hell0jed indeed! was that like, this phone wont wifi now or this phone won’t share wifi now? either way, sucks. – 07:02 AM GMT
@hell0jed or could, i guess. but sweet! i had a tether hack on my, uh Treo. Six years ago. I should git haxxin – 07:19 AM GMT
RT: @Lahlahlindsey: OFFICIAL NAMING POLL: fave for ballghazi rt for inflategate – 07:20 AM GMT
@Lahlahlindsey deflategate innit or as i prefer deflatergate. that’s our problem in a nutshell. no messaging discipline. – 07:21 AM GMT
you don’t make friends there, you make faces. that’s why they call it facebook. – 07:52 AM GMT
tiny cat fast asleep on my chest and arm. – 02:35 PM GMT
@clarissawam too late! but here’s an older one. pic.twitter.com/​Nlu1QljVj7 – 03:06 PM GMT
@clarissawam thbppt pt thbbpt – 03:08 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt it’s some good stuff! – 03:10 PM GMT
@phoebenorth for some stuff, but i always end up fighting it because i outline like crazy and gdoc formatting is bad for that – 03:20 PM GMT
@MadHatterReview @LeavittAlone useful link: freesfonline.de/​authors/​Ted_Ch… – 03:22 PM GMT
@phoebenorth i like the device independence, for sure – 03:22 PM GMT
@LeVostreGC what’s the combo for self-deception? – 04:20 PM GMT
@jonronson isn’t that actually a definition of bad? people die because they can’t afford preventive care. – 04:22 PM GMT
@keithpille @maxsparber for me it’s my last final exam, got moved. or suddenly realizing you forgot to attend a class for a whole semester. – 04:26 PM GMT
whoooo oboy yessir yeeouch man whoo yeeeowtch man dang that ole degenerative bone disease hurts sometimes whoo doggies ow – 05:54 PM GMT