Viv dons rally helmet; Seahawks win.​yoG9gCiB3S – 01:43 AM GMT
RT: @johnmoe: Pats, Colts, no one can stop Russell Wilson’s magic 4 interceptions. – 01:44 AM GMT
RT: @BryanTKR: Look at this guy. Love him! #GoHawks​Ks8GZQjHpn – 01:44 AM GMT
@marikamalaea incoherent male blubbering signifying approval – 01:46 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk .Hug, beer, shot, punk record, whatever. So sorry to hear this. Love to both of you. He was the best cat ever. – 01:50 AM GMT
RT: @BrettHamil: .@TheFrizzelle Seattle has also gone to the #SuperBowl every year we’ve had a socialist on city council #hm – 01:53 AM GMT
Oscar played a pivotal role today. (thanks @TKateness)​oz1BumoRoi – 02:57 AM GMT
@saladinahmed @LeslieK_nope @middleclasstool FB acquaintance felt moved to condemn President Obama as “piece of shit” after viewing film. – 03:02 AM GMT
RT: @McLengthyName: Kind of have to wonder how similar AMERICAN SNIPER is to “Nation’s Pride,” the war movie playing during the climax of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. – 06:14 PM GMT
@sumit as if a bit of moebius background costume self-realized – 10:23 PM GMT
@sumit i did get a spacesuit hoodie from Viv for Xmas that has Alien-style moebius suit ring quilting on the shoulders. baby steps. – 10:35 PM GMT
@sumit it’s not really directly inspired by his work, alas. but i’ll take what i can get. – 10:36 PM GMT