@AriTruscan i loved it when i was a kid. as an adult, not so much – 04:48 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone OMG John John I am remembering being traumatized by a Brenda Starr strip continuity from the early Seventies! – 06:01 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone Someone (Brenda? a child?) has been kidnapped by bad mens. There is conflict. As punishment, the bad mens BREAK HER FINGERS. – 06:03 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone or maybe even amputate them? I don’t know. I remember FREAKING THE FUCK OUT, crying uncontrollably. I was, like, seven? – 06:04 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone unluckily for my parents i was reading the comics in the same small room with them while they packed for a trip – 06:05 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone so one minute, all’s well, next minute, a child with comics-induced PTSD throwing a fullbody bodyhorror fit. Jesus. – 06:06 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone the event was like, shown, somehow, with CRAAACK sounds and EEEEYAUUUGH and oh god, i mean you can imagine – 06:07 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone now and then I remember this and vaguely try to find the strips, seems like last time i tried was before online paper archives – 06:08 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone you would think this would have been at least controversial, but i haven’t ever turned up a controversy, so … – 06:09 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone … it’s possible that i misinterpreted something in the strip or misremember a tantrum or something. but still. – 06:10 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone CAAARAAAACK CRACK – 06:10 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone *shudder* /bites pillow, stimpy eyes full of tears – 06:11 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone with terrifying sound FX typography. – 06:13 PM GMT
manmade black pinholes become primary power sources on long-duration space missions. Cumulative temporal effects unhinge crews, lead to war. – 09:33 PM GMT
RT: @jccabel: Working on the fabulous Stephanie Foo. @imontheradio #wip #outonthewire pic.twitter.com/​4jT8tv9I7T – 09:38 PM GMT
aesthetic appreciation, deep meditation, & ecstatic exaltation harnessed as primary energy sources. Nations compete to etiolate the masses. – 09:47 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @DanEngler GREENWOOD MURDER ZONE – 10:17 PM GMT