@theBees WHAERE IS @theBees – 12:03 AM GMT
@gjcharlet pic.twitter.com/​OLvGBePz6o – 12:05 AM GMT
@gjcharlet LOl, saw the avatar bfo the reply. made a hash of the chiaroscuro, mi dispiace – 06:40 AM GMT
@gnfti @gjcharlet well, brought home anyway – 06:41 AM GMT
@ZaidJilani @madamjujujive exactly right. I live in a lower middle-class area of Seattle stressed by nuisance crime, and … – 06:50 AM GMT
@ZaidJilani @madamjujujive …when my neighbors call the cops about a car toss, house breakin, or the (white) meth dealer down the street… – 06:51 AM GMT
@ZaidJilani @madamjujujive …we get no response or excuses amounting to “we can’t beat them up anymore, there’s nothing to be done” … – 06:53 AM GMT
@ZaidJilani @madamjujujive … the local perception is that we have been cut loose, and there is general reluctance to engage with the cops. – 06:54 AM GMT
@ZaidJilani @madamjujujive Perfectly par for the course in minority America for the last 70 years, but somewhat new in pale, pale Seattle. – 06:55 AM GMT
@ZaidJilani @madamjujujive withdrawal of municipal services in combo w/ naked displays of murderous structural racism founded on class. – 06:57 AM GMT
@ZaidJilani @madamjujujive Taibbi is as always hyperbolic but at the same time prophetic. Buckle up. Change is gonna come. – 06:58 AM GMT
@misskeli Indiana boys. – 07:04 AM GMT
@theBees now look here not only has it been years since I had k I never discuss it in the intarwebs – 07:07 AM GMT
RT: @AriTruscan: 2093: slate closes down. people argue whether its pro-shutting the poor out of the domes stance made it conservative or really more centrist – 07:10 AM GMT
@DanEngler pic.twitter.com/​vwogWJLVER – 07:33 AM GMT
@AriTruscan The Replacements: adherents of Schopenhauer. Apparently. Or maybe that’s just Minnesotans. – 05:51 PM GMT
.@nprnews @BoringPostcards TIL that Howard Hesseman had been an actual DJ before playing Dr. Fever. – 08:26 PM GMT
@keithpille better bring a gopro – 08:28 PM GMT
Dear Seattle: Lexmark Genesis 10MP camera-based AIO doc scanner at Lake City Value Village, $15, there an hour ago. engadget.com/​2010/​10/​15/​lex… – 11:37 PM GMT
@gjcharlet BUT THE HAUNTED ARMOR – 11:38 PM GMT
@gjcharlet /shakes bullets outen boot – 11:39 PM GMT