@maxsparber this gubmint or the queen’s? – 12:26 AM GMT
@maxsparber that guy was a legendary welterweight – 12:26 AM GMT
@emilypostpunk claude! – 08:42 AM GMT
@emilypostpunk trivia: robert lopez, El Vez, was in catholic discipline. Think he’s in the movie, i forget. – 08:44 AM GMT
RT: @AdamBertocci: I have (finally) identified the “Too Many Cooks” credits font.It is Plantagenet. Repeat, Plantagenet. – 05:22 PM GMT
@ezrakilty “he petted his laptop” – 07:38 PM GMT
@whybark in the past, i have kilt laptops via martini – 07:39 PM GMT
RT: @kystokes: Oh. Yeah. That’s not terrifying: Alaskan Way Viaduct, soil sinking near stranded @BerthaDigsSR99: bit.ly/​1s2Yysl by @MikeLindblom – 11:22 PM GMT