alright nerds, dig this. – 12:29 AM GMT
Roland, not the headless thompson gunner but rather the paladin of Charlemagne, had a sword called Durendal forged by Wayland the Smith. – 12:31 AM GMT
Which is to say that Durandal from Marathon and Halo was made by Weyland, as in Weyland-Yutani. BOOM. – 12:32 AM GMT
@deathmtn you’re doing pretty much what I would try. next step would be burning an install DVD and booting from that on the iMac. – 12:39 AM GMT
@deathmtn conceptually you’re after getting the iMac HW to be the boot device – 12:39 AM GMT
Aw yiss tyvm goodwill – 05:09 AM GMT – 05:10 AM GMT – 05:10 AM GMT
The painting instructions verge on the delusional – 05:11 AM GMT
The box has a s01 no-collar crew shot. Seven dolla amriki. – 05:12 AM GMT
@mwhybark ‘charterd’ – 05:13 AM GMT
It’s not quite like finding a 36″ 1970s Space:1999 Eagle action figure toy but I would say a close second. – 05:22 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt i did consider looking on ebay for some foss shiny shiny but held off – 07:01 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt space dazzle – 07:03 AM GMT