@mighty_flynn YOUR MAYS NUMBER IS ONE – 01:01 AM GMT
@elizarde bad timing, because our travel is spoken for until next year. otherwise an excuse to randomly go somewhere in close BC? yes. – 04:22 AM GMT
@naxuu ahhhh – 04:23 AM GMT
@elizarde so can you wait three mumfs? – 04:26 AM GMT
@elizarde no seriously, a three day run maybe overnighting on G sounds awesome. then i keep the chairs and you come get ’em. kidding. – 04:31 AM GMT
@elizarde plus i think i get to run customs for you in victoria. – 04:32 AM GMT
@elizarde so, yeah, might be worth waiting, because then I could just put them on Mayflower or Greyhound or USPS. or whatever. – 04:33 AM GMT
@elizarde not joking, not at all. We honeymooned in Victoria and I have had gigs in Van (movie writing), so it’s more like a fun adventure. – 04:34 AM GMT
@elizarde ah, well, that’s plausible too. except for east Van traffic. 😉 – 04:35 AM GMT
@elizarde Viv sez this sounds great. bug me after Xmas. we have a Valentine’s tradition in Victoria, so Feb is not out of the question. – 04:38 AM GMT
@elizarde if you need them in Van, we’d go SEA – PA – VIC – VAN – 04:39 AM GMT
@elizarde think there’s a ferry leg between each city! – 04:39 AM GMT
@elizarde @Specklet @paparatti wait it’s *your* cabin? so we could plan on bunking there? that sounds awesome! – 04:40 AM GMT
@elizarde @Specklet @paparatti ah, darn. anyway, yes, this sounds like a fun weekend. – 04:41 AM GMT
@elizarde @Specklet @paparatti DMing 411 info, just file it away – 04:41 AM GMT
@elizarde good deal! – 04:44 AM GMT
@elizarde our honeymoon in Vic coincided with the historic low of the C$ vs USD, so I figure I owe your people anyway – 04:45 AM GMT
@elizarde whatever works – 05:14 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone I have an FB pal that did that in LA for about a decade this century – 05:16 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone not sure why he moved back to the midwest, he was doing well enough to try for minor speaking roles if he wanted to – 05:17 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone AND i also know a guy that was getting work doing that in NYC on procedurals, dunno if that’s still in town. so I say do it! – 05:18 AM GMT
irritating that cop calls have been pulled from muni 911 info pages. huge response to nearby QFC due to fistfight, scanner says. – 06:32 PM GMT
In order to access that info, I had to listen to the open channel scanner chatter. info still there, just text/data embargoed. bullshit. – 06:33 PM GMT
i repeat, fucking bullshit. – 06:33 PM GMT